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Vision of the Organization

SAP-Bangladesh envisions a sustainable, empowered, and pluralistic Bangladesh where human rights are protected, poor lives in dignity, peace, and hope, and where everyone has access to health-care, education, and all necessary public services.


Mission Statement

SAP-Bangladesh believes in sustainable livelihoods development of the poor that can be achieved through long-term and holistic approaches of program implementations. Poverty reduction process can be enhanced through strengthening the capacity of local government and civil society organizations. SAP-Bangladesh strategically designs integrated programs to address the specific needs of the poor focusing remote, costal, and other disadvantaged areas in Bangladesh taking into account the capabilities of the community people and associated stakeholders. SAP-Bangladesh focuses on the right based as well as service oriented approaches to development that enhance the ownership and responsibility among the program participants and lead to program sustainability. Organizational changes through new initiatives, innovations, and reviewing the programs are continuous process based on the past learning and upcoming opportunities.



Bring about sustainable socio-economic changes in the livelihoods of the disadvantaged group in Bangladesh by strengthening the capacity of community people and empowering the grassroots.



         Accelerate integrated self-reliant and long-term development programs in Bangladesh;

         Advocacy towards raising voices of extreme poor, women, children, persons with disability, deprived, and marginalized group of people towards raising voices and establishing human rights;

         Address the environmental issues in terms of climate change and global worming;

         Educate and support the disadvantaged people for achieving their social, economic, and political rights;

         Strengthen institutional capacities of the grassroots organizations and facilitate sustainable community development process;

         Contribute to reducing mortality and morbidity rate and communicable diseases in Bangladesh;

         Strengthen capacity building process of local NGOs for improvement of their quality and bringing them in the mainstream scenario of development.


Legal Status of the Organization:


South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh is a non-government national NGO registered under NGO Affairs Bureau, Society Act XX1 of 1860, and Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority, Dhaka as follows.

SAP-Bangladesh Social Business:

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SAP-Bangladesh Training Centre: 

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